Cutler Station

If you listen closely, you’ll hear an irresistible cacophony erupting from the Appalachian foothills: it’s power pop, it’s synth rock – it’s even got a backbone made up of your dad’s two favorite kinds of music: country, and western.

It’s Vincent, OH’s six-piece musical dynamos: Cutler Station! 

All your favorite characters dot Cutler Station’s sonic landscape: the mysterious Mothman of Point Pleasant, the youth culture of your local small town AutoZone parking lot, even the multifaceted and much-loved moms of the American Midwest. 

Let the sweet essence of Cutler Station wander through the canyons of your mind. You’ll soon find they’ve settled somewhere right near your heart. 

Right where they should be. 

The group’s genre-defying discography of oddball earworms comes to you courtesy of the talents of members John Evans (bass/vocals), Kirby Evans (guitar/keys/vocals), Steve Lipscomb (guitar/keys/vocals), Jason Swiger (drums), Jacob Dunn (guitar/keys/vocals), and John Borchard (pedal steel guitar).